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Should CPH become the new industry standard?

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
26 October 2017
Is it time to push for CPH (cost per hour) for all publishers? When the Financial Times started introducing their idea a few years ago, there were mixed emotions in the industry.

Especially agencies didn't know how to evaluate the cost and monitor the correct delivery of the hours with independent third-party providers. Even with impressions and clicks, there is the industry standard discrepancy of 5%. But in-view times differ vastly from tech provider to provider.

Nevertheless, the Financial Times has tackled the right problem in the industry. Not every impression should be traded the same and clicks shouldn't be a matrix to evaluate success. Perhaps it's time for other publishers to follow and marketers to ask for this buying matrix more often. Only then the industry will come up with a new industry standard across all parties.

If you would like to learn more about how CPH works or which publishers offer it, please contact Quality Financial Media.