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FT.com scandal shows why direct dealing is important

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
01 October 2017
Once again, a fake FT.com programmatic deal has shown up on DSPs and some advertisers fell for it. While this is a wider question for DSPs about how they secure brand safety, it's a clear message that advertisers should deal directly with quality publishers.

The Financial Times won't sell their inventory on programmatic exchanges, but other quality publishers do in order to increase their revenue. Nevertheless, advertisers may be better off dealing with them directly.

Placing your advertising on quality sites will increase your credibility, brand favourability and trust. It may come with an increased price, but you are in charge of where your ad appears and this is most important.

Furthermore, the closer your relationship with the publisher, the more favourable you will be remembered for special deals or custom-made activities.

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