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Adverts of JP Morgan spotted on fake news sites

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
15 September 2017
JP Morgan was again in the news for serving adverts on web pages which report new fakes. Recently, the company has announced to have a strict 5,000 websites long whitelist with whom they advertise with.

However, this time the UK marketing campaign with Outbrain didn't follow the whitelist and adverts were shown on a criticized site Zero Hedge.

JP Morgan isn't the only affected advertiser. Nearly every advertiser who runs programmatically may have funded such sites and blogs unwillingly. The problem is that if you try to go on those sites to see if your advertising is shown, you are contributing to their income, too.

Read more about this Quartz investigation here https://qz.com/1067868/jpmorgan-removed-ads-that-accidentally-ended-up-on-zero-hedge/