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Facebook’s Q1 results and five things for financial services

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
21 May 2017
In its latest results, Facebook announced a major emphasis in solving for communities and reiterating the key messages from its F8 developer conference.

Q1 2017 profit is +76.6% YoY to $3.06 billion and revenue +49% to $8.03 billion coming from the ad business. 85% is being generated through mobile advertising; while Emarketer is giving them a mobile ad share of 22.6% with Alphabet, its rival, estimated at 35.1%;
Facebook is on track to reach two billion users with 1.28 billion active daily users, an 18% YoY growth. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have 1.2 billion users each and Instagram has 700 million, which is a +50% growth YoY;

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