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The advantages of 5 second video ads

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
01 April 2017
5-second video ads may have an advantage over the traditional 30 seconds. Creative agencies don't want to hear this, but 5 seconds is everything you need to influence people.

Especially millennials are more easily reached by 5 seconds versus 30. It's the time it takes to read a Facebook post or the average lifespan of a Snapchat message.

Research shows that a human has an average attention span of 8 seconds. This is a second less than a goldfish. This lack of attention is especially happening on mobile devices.

Most quality publishers offer skippable ads and over 60% of the users take advantage of this function. Sometimes only for the sake of using it, rather than analysing the content of the commercial. 5 or 6 seconds is short enough that it doesn't have to be skipped and 100% of the viewers get the full message.

Last but not least, 5-second video adverts are less heavy and therefore use less of your mobile data allowance. This will help to reduce the rise of adblockers.

Read the whole interview of Richard Kidd from OpenX DACH in German at http://www.absatzwirtschaft.de/kurz-und-knackig-darum-funktionieren-5-sekunden-spots-101951/?xing_share=news