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Mobile marketing in the financial industry - a how to guide

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
01 March 2017
As digital technology evolves, so do the mobile marketing responsibilities of the financial industry. The tactics start with texting and apps, and end somewhere between social media marketing and mobile websites. Well over half of today’s consumers are accessing their banking information from mobile devices (this includes banking), and they will conduct business with the institutions that offer the most convenience.

Because of the sensitive nature of financial information, care needs to be taken during mobile marketing efforts to make customers aware of threats and inform them what to share and what not to share over their mobile connections.

Financial institutions aren’t released from riding the waves of the latest mobile marketing trends, they just have to work harder to maintain security. They need to leverage text messaging, build mobile apps, use responsive website themes, and facilitate all other conveniences that consumers are looking for. Yes, they may even need to be on Instagram to stay connected #financialservices.

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