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WSJ pulls content out of Google’s “First Click Free” program

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
18 February 2017
Earlier this week, the WSJ has decided to stop it's "First Click Free" programme with Google. Until now, users who clicked on a Google news headline were able to read up to three articles per day without subsription.

However, now the Google news headline will show a (Subscription) label and users won't see the article without subscribing. This new practise is closely watched by other publishers which may follow this tactic soon.

Until now the WSJ increased their impressions with this tactic and used it as a marketing platform to convert users into paying subscribers. This move may be dangerous in a time when ad revenue is on the decline.

The additional threat is that Google won't rank the news storries of the WSJ as highly anymore, if at all. Many years ago, an Italian publisher has refused to share it's news on Google for free. Since then, the publisher does not show up on Google anymore. With up to 90% of the traffic comming through Google, this costed the publisher greatly.

Google, of course, does not comment on the issue.

Read more at http://searchengineland.com/wsj-first-click-free-269545