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Your ads may not show where you think they are

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
18 February 2017
Some time ago, advertisers believed to have bought impressions of the FT.com on open exchanges. However, the publisher has never had the intention to open it's environment to the ad exchanges. These advertisers bought fraudolent inventory.

Since then, a lot of publishers have seen similar practised with impressions beeing wrongly labeled. Advertisers find it difficult to know which SSP the publisher use. And a research showed that the top 50 publishers (in terms of impressions) work directly with five inventory partners and indirectly with another 3 partners.

The anti-fraud industry group TAG is considering starting a authorized reseller list. This list would be available to it's 165 members who each pay $10,000 members fee.

There needs to be more clarity in the market to stop this ad fraud. But currently the only way to make sure that your ad is shown where you want it to be shown is direct buys with quality publishers.

Read more at http://digiday.com/publishers/ssp-arbitrage/