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Skipped video ads still incluence viewers positively

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
18 February 2017

A new research from IPG Lab shows that 65% of all Youtube videos are skipped, mainly because it's a habbit and not because of the content of the ad.

15 second ads are normally skipped after 5.5 seconds, while 30-second ads are watched slightly longer: 7.4 seconds. Enjoyable ads are more likely not to be skipped, especially if the targeting is right and the ad is short enough that users can wait it out.

So what are some impacts on the skip rate? Older viewers are less likely to skip, but the gender and social status doesn't change the habits. Furthermore, if there is a positive pre-existing brand opinion and if the viewer has purchased your product before, the ads are less likely skipped.

There is no difference in the skip rate based on the device or content. Different creative executions have been analysed but emotions, branding by skip button, story focus or colour saturation doesn't change the skip behaviour.

Pre-roll ads have a very high awareness, even if they are skipped. And the survey also found that even skipable ads have a value. Even if the ads are skipped, it will have an impact on the purchase intent and it will position the brand to be relevant to the viewer. It will increase the brand recall by 22% aided and 10% unaided.

The survey recommends using the new 6-second non-skippable ads. It will increase brand favorability by 12% vs 0% of skippable longer ads. 47% increase in aided brand recall vs 22% of skipped ones and 11% of purchase intent vs. 5%.

This means that shorter video ads are working better. And if you use a longer skipable ad, introduce your story arc and product before the user can skip the ad.

Read the full survey here http://www.ipglab.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Magna.IPGlab_Turbocharging-Your-Skippable-Pre-Roll-Campaign_external.pdf