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Designing a Content Campaign for Institutional Finance

By Noel Hillmann
from Clear Path Analysis
14 February 2017
Institutional finance often moves at a sedate pace, subject to buying decisions that may take many months or even years to be finalised. However, the marketing and media landscape is fast evolving and the need to react as well as plan ahead of time, is paramount to the success of any content marketing campaign.

Marrying these two distinct factors is a challenge all institutional marketing and sales leaders face, but ones that can be overcome
by understanding peer experiences and tactics.

The 'Designing a Content Campaign for Institutional Finance' event, part of Clear Path Analysis’ regular educational events, addresses how market practitioners can develop appropriate campaigns that aid in attaining organisational aims.

Participants will:
• Hear the results of Clear Path Analysis’ latest survey on practitioners attitudes to content marketing campaigns and the factors deemed critical to the success of any campaign

• See a presentation from a leading financial marketing strategist, providing insight into both the theory of content marketing as well as client case studies, plus;

• Two back-to-back interactive workshop sessions, where attendees discuss and debate two primary hurdles to developing optimal campaigns that boost ROI and minimise organisational disruption

To register, visit: www.clearpathanalysis.com/events/breakfast-briefing-marketing-institutional-finance-topic-be-confirmed-london