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How Hiscox Got Results With a New Brand Campaign

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
15 June 2016
Russell Findlay, CMO at business insurer Hiscox, discussed the challenges his company faced when launching a new brand campaign in the U.S., during the first day of the ANA/BMA16 conference in Chicago.

"We are always challenging convention," Mr. Findlay said, when describing how the business insurance company wanted to position itself when launching a new brand campaign.

To define the positioning it would use in the campaign, Hiscox first considered what it stood for. Some of the ideas it came up with included "Don't fear risk," "Good enough, never is," "We put people first," and "Buying insurance should be liberating."

"We felt something unique was 'don't fear risk' -- it seemed unique and ownable," Mr. Findlay said. However, one challenge Hiscox faced was that "risk" is a term commonly used in the insurance industry, so it had to modify its phrasing a bit.

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